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Homage to the River

The work was part performance, part object, part painting, and boat. It was filmed travelling down the very tail- end of the Parramatta River on a raft, painted with colour and shape taken from The Bauhaus colourist - Josef Albers’ famous Homage to the Square series. These works investigate colour relationships, and as such, are inherently couched in nature, perception and awareness of our surroundings. Placed literally into the landscape, the work attempts to demonstrate the function of Albers' work. It was also a mimicry of the colonial migration into Parramatta, which of course used the river as a road, as the indigenous owners had before them for many centuries.


This work forms an Homage both to the Parramatta River, and to the famous Bauhaus teacher and colour practitioner, Josef Albers.


This work was supported by the Parramatta Artist Fellowship.



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