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Chrissie Ianssen is an award winning visual artist with an on-going interest in urban spaces. Her practice seeks to create a resonance between artwork and place. She is fascinated by the phenomena of the physical world and its continued manifestation within the city.


With a focus on site specific artworks, her practice explores nuances between place, community, and natural phenomena. She is interested in how art can operate on different levels in the public realm, and is fascinated by its every day presence in vernacular architecture and urban design. She has a deep sense of the organic growth of the city of Sydney, gathered through observations of the tangents of migration, suburban gardens, street signage, maps, ageing architecture, and new development.

Her public works range from laser cut steel suspensions, street furniture, interactive sound sculptures, performance, and painting. 

Classically trained, she won the Richard and Wenda Distinction Award from the Julian Ashton Art School. Chrissie also holds a masters degree in visual arts from the University of Sydney, which she gained through the support of an UPA scholarship. She has held the Parramatta Artists’ Fellowship, and is the winner of the Lane Cove Public Art Prize. Her street furniture designs are now a feature of the Lane Cove Plaza. Chrissie set up the New Neighbours Project; a collaboration between local artists and refugees in Parramatta. Chrissie has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions.




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